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About Me

Born on January 14, 1991, in Nanyuki, Kenya, I am the youngest of five siblings. As a proud father of a beautiful daughter, I cherish family deeply, having faced the loss of my father at the tender age of six. It was my mother who instilled in me a love for computers, enrolling me in St. Christopher’s Nanyuki, where my journey into technology began. With unwavering support from my siblings, I embarked on a path of self-taught software development. Later, I pursued a BBIT degree at JKUAT, Mombasa Campus, proudly becoming an alumnus. At the age of 19, I founded Densoft Africa Ltd, marking the start of a challenging yet rewarding journey in the tech industry, culminating in the co-founding of ibuQa alongside three dear friends.

My Role at ibuQa

In my role as the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, I spearhead the development of our mobile solutions and manage the day-to-day operations of our company. Additionally, I occasionally engage in design tasks, which I thoroughly enjoy (Am sure you can tell by how nice this website looks). According to my mentor, my knack for design is a natural talent, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with – albeit with a laugh! My objective is to guarantee that our products surpass the expectations of our clients, facilitating their business goals with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

My Journey

Prior to launching ibuQa, I founded Panda Ndege, a flight booking application designed for domestic travel within Kenya. Over the course of my career, I have occupied various positions in mobile application development, including leading the development of Android applications for reputable companies such as Bidco Africa, Little, Roamtech Solutions, and Ajua. In a previous role, I collaborated with Absa Bank’s innovation lab (Barclays Product Lab) on a pioneering finance application integrated with WhatsApp. Winning the competition not only earned me recognition but also an opportunity to work with Absa Bank and a $1000 award. Additionally, I have garnered experience in consulting for startups on mobile app development, delivering lectures on programming, and contributing to software engineering projects with health IT companies during the early stages of my career.

My Vision

I believe in the power of technology to revolutionize traditional industries. At ibuQa, we strive to create solutions that not only address current market challenges but also anticipate the future needs of our clients. Through innovation and dedication, we aim to be at the forefront of the Route to Market automation.

Lets Connect

I am always eager to connect with like-minded professionals and businesses looking to embrace the future of logistics and distribution. Feel free to reach out to me for collaborations, partnerships, or just a friendly chat about technology and business.

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